Teaching You What And What Not To Do To Successfully
Launch Any Product - And Avoid All The Failures
Which Many Internet Marketers Have Done!

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Buying Product Offers and Having Them Sit and Sit and Sit?
  • Opening Your Downloads and Staring at Your Computer Screen?
  • Getting training on Traffic and then Having no offer of your own?
  • Relying Totally on Affiliate Offers Which Builds other people's business but not yours...

How Would You Like to Earn an Entire
Year's Worth of Sales in One Week?

If you're shaking your head and thinking I'm loony, think again!

I'm offering you a step-by-step mentor to accompany you through your journey to a successful product launch, be it your own product or an affliate product - guaranteed to create an impact in your business!

And You Only Need to Learn it Once...

Let's face it, this journey isn't going to be a bed of roses throughout.

Without proper research, effort and hard work, do not expect instant miracles to occur.

But once you know the process, you can do it for yourself, you can do it for others for a fee, you can adapt it for different situations. But really, once you learn it and once you know it, you won't have to re-learn it again.


The Mystery Will Be Over...

  • Everything you will need to know about mastering each of these componets
  • Reduce the stress in getting your products out and making sales
  • Eliminate The Hard Drive Full of Products Syndrome

What Will You Be Mastering?

  • 10 Video Modules Going Over the Complete Set Up Process
  • Downloadable Recordings You Can View 24 Hours a Day 7 Days A Week
  • Bonus Private Label Rights

I am breaking down each compartment exclusively for you - such that even if you are a beginner with no knowledge whatsoever, can easily implement these strategies!


Video #1
Affiliate Marketing
Master Class

Run Time - 44:41

Video #2
Master Class

Run Time - 59:50

Video #3
Book Publishing
Master Class

Run Time - 55:00

Video #4
List Building
Master Class

Run Time - 51:15

Video #5
Membership Sites
Master Class

Run Time - 51:11

Video #6
Master Class

Run Time - 1:01:22

Video #7
Product Creation
Master Class

Run Time - 47:22

Video #8
Quick Traffic
Master Class

Run Time - 58:44

Video #9
Social Media
Master Class

Run Time - 58:15

Video #10
Video Marketing
Master Class

Run Time - 44:01


This could be the breakthrough your business is looking for!

Start looking toward the profits you deserve to earn and the luxurious lifestyle you can provide for your family and loved ones!


You Also Get... Full Private Label Rights


Fast Action Bonus

ACT NOW and You'll Also Receive an Entire Duplicate of this Special Offer so You Can Flip Everything 'As Is' for Even More Cash!

Act now and you'll also receive your very own special offer page similar to what you're seeing now so you can present your own subscribers with one heck of a deal!

No need to write a new salesletter, no need to design graphics. Just slap on your payment button, upload and sell!

Please note however that this super bonus WILL NOT be around forever and can be taken down at any time. If you want to get the best deal, have your very own business and maximize your profit then be sure to secure this bonus now! This bonus alone will multiply your income instantly.

A value of $197! Yours FREE!


Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase Video Masterclass Today...

  • Training To Organize The Set Up Process

    Your Set Up Will Be 10X Easier With These Video Tutorials.


  • Videos Taught By a User and a Product Creator

    Because we're users of PLR/MRR and creators of PLR/MRR we have a unique perspective on the processes that can help you to turn your purchase into real income.

  • Flexible Replay System

    Each of the ten training modules are completely downloadable. You'll be able to watch them over and over again


"Great customer service and first class products!... I can create great products from this... Turn into unique quality products!"

Just the stuff I needed for my change your life site, great customer service and first class products. I can create great products from this material to sell on my self improvement site. Like all PLR material it takes a lot of work but the base line is there for me to turn into unique quality products. - Steven Erlick

"Unbelievable Guys!... Talk about overdelivering!... When I saw the value in the package I was overwhelmed. You guys Rock!"

I am so impressed by and thankful for the PLR motivation package. Talk about overdelivering! I was skeptical at first about the cost, but when I saw the value in the package I was overwhelmed. As a long time Motivational speaker and youth advocate, this was EVERYTHING I needed to take my inspirational mission out to the web universe. Thanks so much again. I would recommend this to everyone whowants a true business in a box. Content, Ebooks, graphics, the full monty! You guys Rock! - Tom Staton



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